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Mars, The Bringer of War (Two Piano Version) - Gustov Holst

I found out about the two piano version of the planet suite when I was somewhat obsessed with Mars and wanted to arrange a version that my band could play. This is essentially the original version of the suite as Gustov Holst used two pianists to help him with his arrangement for a full orchestra.

First I found a full score for two pianos and then a recording. The recording obviously lacks the grandeur of the full orchestral version of Mars but seemed a better place to start to transcribe this for two guitars, a bass and some synths.

It would be nice to say that I have the completed version by Boredoms in the Bathroom to play you at the bottom of this post but sadly, not. It turns out that trying to arrange orchestral pieces as complicated as this is incredibly difficult. But this is something that I am still interested in having a go at. You never know, maybe by the next time Holst appears on this blog (spoilers!), I may have a treat for you.

At the top of this post is a professional rendition of Mars for two pianos, but at the same time I found this video which was too cute not to share.